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Self Publishing

Self publishing allows any author to publish their book and then market it themselves. At Elmbank we can produce excellent quality printed books at a very reasonable cost.

Books can be printed in various sizes, weights, paper stocks and finishes. Our in-house graphic design team can help with your page layout and cover design. We are also able to assist you with sourcing ISBN numbers and barcodes.

Previous genres of books we have produced range from poetry, history, fiction, walking guides, clubs, family history, local interest and photography - to name a few.

Below is a selection of some of our printed self published books.

Book Printing Peebles
Book Publishing Peeblesshire
Book Printing and Publishing Midlothain
Book Printing Scotland
Book Publishing Scotland
Book design and printing Scottish Borders
Book Printing Biggar Lanark
Book Printing Scottish Borders
Booklet design and printing Scottish Borders
Book Printing Peebles Midlothian
Book design and printing Penicuik
Book design and printing Peebles
Book Cover Design Scotland
Book Printing Graphic Design Galashiels
Book Printing and Design Scotland
Book Printers Scottish Borders
Book design and printing Scotland
Hardback Casebound Book Printing
Biggar Book Printing and Design
Book Printing Scotland
Book Design and Printing
Muckle Mouth Meg Book Printing Design
Hardback Casebound Book Printing
Book Publishing Peebles
Book Printing Scotland
Book Publishing Printing Selkirk
Hardback Book Printing Scottish Borders
Recipe Book Printing
Book Design and Printing Peebles
Book Printing Graphic Design Scotland
Book Printing Midlothian
Book Publishing Design Peeblesshire
Book Publishing Biggar
Book design and printing Midlothian
Broughton Book Design and Printing
Self Publishing Book Printing Scottish Borders
Book Publishing Printing Design Scotland
Recipe Book Printing
Book Publishing Design
Self Publishing Printers Midlothian
Self Publishing Book Printing Midlothian
Book Printing Graphic Design Peeblesshire
Self Publishing Book Printing Peebles
Print my own book Scotland
Self Publishing Book Printing Peebles
Self Publishing Book Printing
Self Publishing Book Printing Penicuik
Self Publishing Book Printing
Book Printing Graphic Design Biggar
Self Publishing Book Printing
Self Publishing Book Printing Peebles
Self Publishing Book Printing Lanark
Self Publishing Book Printing Selkirk
Book design and printing
Self Publishing Book Printing Scotland
Book Printing Peebles
Graphic Design Peebles Scottish Borders
Book Printing Galashiels
Graphic Design Biggar


Elmbank Print were a delight to do business with. In every way the service they provided was superb. Quite simply, 100's of copies of my book were produced by them with genuine care, a high quality finish, on time and on budget.

Graham Garvie

Self-publishing three very different styles of book, over the last four years, has been a surprisingly easy process, in large part due to the design expertise available from and collaborative approach taken by Elmbank Print.

Graham Little

Constructive help and advice all the way, from presentation, size, choice of paper, binding and printing.  A friendly, efficient and prompt service.

Jim Lyon

Elmbank Print worked hard on my book The Cross Kirk. They were easy to talk to and made useful suggestions as well as delivering to my specifications. The result was a handsome volume which was delivered on schedule. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone.

Steve Dubé

In 2019 Elmbank Print produced a limited colour edition of my book Some of Me Tunes.  I was really surprised how competitive their prices were. Elmbank took enormous care with every stage of this print run. In fact, they even spotted various small errors in the layout of the book and corrected them! I was delighted with their prompt and friendly service.

Julian Goodacre

Very pleased with "Traveller's Tales" (2015).  Beautifully laid out, attractive pictures, most appealing covers, excellent.

Alex Turpie

I am very grateful to Elmbank Print for their expert advice and assistance in the preparation of my Village Trail Books 1 & 2 for printing.  Their depth knowledge of the printing and publishing processes assured me that my books were in safe hands.  It was a pleasure to work with Ian and  artwork designer, Ruth.

Rosemary Turpie

I recently used the services of Elmbank Print to produce two small books. Both were connected with family history and have since been distributed to many relatives in far flung places. Elmbank provided great guidance and advice at each stage of the process. The entire process was carried out in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Chris Beaumont

I recently put together an anthology of local experiences of the pandemic. Elmbank provided very useful advice so that I could do most of the layout myself, but provided some professional 'tweaks' in the final stages. Ian always answered emails promptly, and I felt confident that my project was in capable hands.

Helen Holt

I was amazed at how simple it was to have my book published by Elmbank, whom I also found to be extremely helpful. And I was delighted with the final product. I would enthusiastically recommend Elmbank to any other person wanting to "self-publish".

Brian McGuirk

The Elmbank Print team were extremely helpful and prompt in delivering their excellent and professional printing services. It was a delight to work with Ian and his design team, and a pleasure to be able to work on a project locally rather than having to use online services. Heartfelt thanks for all the great printing results.

Moira Stark

I can certainly say that, from start to finish, the advice and assistance that Elmbank Print gave to me made the whole experience of publishing a book of my father’s poems – A Collection of Poems by Jim Brown – so much easier, produced in good time and at a very reasonable price. 

Kenny Brown

Elmbank Print were very informative and professional. Ian’s advice on self- publishing was invaluable. I was particularly pleased with the colour quality of my illustrations resulting in an excellent book.

Valerie I’Anson

I was absolutely delighted with the quality of the book - a memoir of my mother's life - printed by Elmbank; and I was very grateful to them for advice on such matters as choice of paper, which made a huge difference to the appearance of some old photographs that I wanted to use.

David Henderson-Howat

The family were delighted with the books, the quality of printing, binding, and overall service from Elmbank was first class.

Alistair Quin

We are really grateful to Ian and Ruth at Elmbank for all the help and advice that resulted in a great Community Recipe Book. Thank you so much for all your help given with kindness and professionalism.

Carol-Anne Alcorn

Nothing was too much trouble for Ian and Ruth when the family were getting a memoir published recently, including changes to the script and scanning in old photographs.  Ian's calm and friendly advice resulted in multiple copies of a beautifully produced and highly professional book, with which we are very happy.

Mary Heath

Thank you Ian and Ruth at Elmbank Print - The books look and feel beautiful and your patience, encouragement and professionalism throughout has been much appreciated.  Excellent service and a quality product  - highly recommended. 

Marjorie Beaumont

I am absolutely delighted with the work which Ian and Ruth have done on my memoir/family history book. Their expertise and help have turned my A4 pages with jumble of photos and images into an illustrated account of exceptional quality, which I know will be appreciated by everyone in the family. Throughout the process Ian kept in touch, so that I was never in the position of worrying about how work was progressing – Elmbank Printing has made it a pleasure to finally bring this project to its conclusion.

Wendy Turner

Elmbank print recently produced a large family history book for me.  I was very pleased with the attention to detail, and helpful suggestions by Ian and Ruth.  The finished product is exactly as I intended, and the quality is exemplary.  I now have seven hundred years of family history safely contained in a number of copies for current and future generations to enjoy.  The service from Elmbank print was friendly, professional and prompt.  I have no hesitation in recommending their services for anyone considering a similar project

David Clouting

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