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Photo Restoration, Editing and Retouching

At Elmbank our in-house graphic design team can help restore your old photographs back to their former glory. We can repair old, torn and damaged photographs and reprint them for you to pass on to future generations. We can also help to recreate images that may have been damaged such as posters, paper documents, book covers or enhance illustrations that may need a bit of colour adjustment and improvement. 

Restoration can be done to most images, even ones that have been torn or with fragments missing. We can remove blemishes, watermarks, Sellotape marks, add colour, remove colour, remove items or merge images. 

At Elmbank we understand how precious old photographs or original artwork can be and would like to reassure you that we will take exceptional care of your originals until we return them to you.

Below is a selection of our Before & After pictures. To reveal restoration, roll over or click on an image. 

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