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printt self service printing

Self Service Printing at Elmbank Print Peebles

How to get started with Printt


What is Printt and how does it work?

Printt is an on-demand printing app for all your documents. We want to make printing simpler, smarter and greener.

First Steps 👣

In order to start using Printt, you will need to create an account (Business account or Personal account) using our mobile applications or visit

Uploading documents 📄

When your account is all set, you will have to upload your documents to Printt. Here is a full guide on how to upload documents, if you require further assistance.

Choose your Printt Service 🤔

You can choose from a range of services, how to get your printing done:

  • Printt Now

  • Delivery

  • Click&Collect


Billing 💳

You will have to add the card details, that you want to use at the checkout and depending on which service you decide to use we will charge you accordingly.

We will always show you the full amount we will charge for your printing before you print, so you always know what you are paying in advance - no hidden charges.



How to download the Printt app?

Here you will find out how you can download Printt app.

You can download our app directly from the Google Play or App Store.

At the moment, our app is available for iPhones or iPads with iOS 11 or newer, and phones with Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer.

Above guidlines available here as printable PDF

Self service Printing
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